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My Fasting Experience

In this video, I share my personal experience with fasting – one of the all time greatest personal development interventions.


The Science of Fasting

Many of my coaching clients practice fasting.  I made this video to help them, and anyone else who is interested, to understand some of the benefits of fasting.  This really is one of the most powerful health interventions I know of, and I warmly recommend it to virtually anyone.


A Talk on Marketing at the University of Greenwich

I gave a talk to digital marketing students at the University of Greenwich this October.


Running The World’s Steepest Race

I ran the Red Bull 400 in Planica, Slovenia in September 2018. My time was 11:06. When I finished the race, I collapsed onto the finishing platform, was dragged away to crash mats on the side where me and the other athletes writhed around in pain for about 5 minutes. I have never done such brutal cardio in all my life. Thanks to my team mates who supported me so much.


The Benefits of Vitamin D

This video looks at some of the health benefits of supplementing vitamin D. I had a lot of fun researching for this video, and took great pains to examine the primary research materials. Extreme claims require extreme evidence, and I did my best to provide that within the succinct format of this video. My intention is that this video gives anyone a grounding into some of the reasons why vitamin D supplementation is important, but also provides a research launch pad for the more interested enquirer.


The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

This video covers the experimentally tested benefits of supplementing Cod Liver oil which include: aiding fat loss, reducing inflammation, helping to prevent a whole host of diseases (including heart disease and stroke). When I made this video, I had a good look through all the medical literature to see what the real benefits of cod liver oil were. Researching for this video was a fun process for me. I tried to put the most useful findings to you in the most convenient form. I hope it helps you.