My Supplement Regime

Apr 10, 2018

My Supplement Regime

I’ve been experimenting with and researching supplements ever since I first went to university back in 2003.  As a life coach, getting my clients healthy is a large part of my work.  After trying literally hundreds of different supplements, these are the ones which have stuck. I personally use all these supplements every day.  These are the exact same supplements I recommend to my coaching clients.

The following plan will reliably improve these five things:

  • You will feel better

  • You will live longer

  • You will get leaner

  • You will think more clearly

  • You will have more energy

These supplements have collectively changed my life.  They have changed the life of my coaching clients. They will change your life too.

Supplements to Take


Take 30g / day. I used to use the powder, but it tastes like AIDS. It was a revolution when I found it can come in tablets. I knock these back by the handful with water.

Benefits: Spirulina covers virtually every nutrient your body needs (yes, really); makes you feel good; is a potent anti oxidant; and literally removes heavy metals from your body.

(Look for organic certification and ideally a certificate of analysis which shows very low heavy metals)

Link US

Link UK

Coconut Oil

Take 1 tablespoon 4 times a day – ideally with each meal.

Benefits: Appetite suppressant; increases energy (especially mental energy); speeds up metabolism; prevents many diseases; increases testosterone in men.

Link US

Link UK

Vitamin D

Take 2 of 3,000 IU tablet with your morning meal.

Benefits: Too many to list, but notably effective resistance to seasonal colds and flu; improved athletic performance; prevention for many diseases; lengthens lifespan.

(Definitely buy here. This is one year’s worth for $15. I never find this kind of value in stores)

Link US

Link UK

Fish Oils

Take 3 x1g capsules with your morning meal and again with dinner

Benefits: Reduces inflammation across the body; aids weight loss; prevents inflammation related diseases; Improves brain function.

Link US

Link UK

Multi Mineral

Take 2 capsules once a day with morning meal

Benefits: Most Americans are deficient in several minerals – especially zinc, iodine and magnesium – this one covers all the bases and will lead to greater hormonal health and improved longevity.

(This is just one example of a decent one, there are others out there too)

Link US

Link UK

Broccoli Sprouts

Snack on half a jar daily – do not cook or freeze or they won’t work, eat raw.

Benefits: Contains sulforaphane which triggers 3% of your DNA to turn on associated with producing more anti oxidants (the Nrf2 pathway for you geeks), DNA repair, lengthening telomeres, and generally feeling awesome. Probably one of the very best anti-aging interventions out there.

You will need:

Sprouting Jars: Link US / Link UK

Broccoli Seeds: Link US / Link UK

It takes about 4 days to sprout one jar. I therefore keep 4 jars growing at once.

MCT Oils

Take 3 or 4 times throughout the day in 2 tablespoon doses. Especially drink as soon as you feel or predict your energy dropping or any kind of brain fog drifting in. The oil is genuinely tasteless, so I just down it and chase with some water. You can blend with a hot chocolate too.

Link US

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B Vitamin Complex

Take one every day with a meal. These will give you more mental energy, plus boost your metabolic health generally.

Link UK


Take two every day with meals. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, repairs DNA damage, accelerates metabolism – thus promoting weight loss, helps prevent Alzheimers disease and boosts concentration and brain performance.

Link UK

Other Things You Will Need

Nutri Bullet Blender

You will need this for powdered spirulina and the Bulletproof Coffee. It’s a beautifully designed piece of kit.

Link US

Link UK

General Interventions

Since you made it this far… I can’t help but include these general interventions.

Walk or Cycle a Minimum of One Hour a Day

Not only will this add years to your life, but it will make you happier and leaner. I now use a bike to get around town, it is a wonderful innovation.

Skip Breakfast and Start Your Day With a Bulletproof Coffee

An internet biohacker called Dave Aspery coined this concoction. Drink a cup of this instead of breakfast, and it will keep you going for hours feeling full and super alert. It will suppress appetite and train your body to burn fat as a primary fuel source, plus provide the necessary fats to reduce inflammation and promote brain and hormonal health. It’s also delicious. Coffee also contains a crazy amount of polyphenols which slow ageing and promote general health. Try not to drink more than 3 coffees on any given day.

How to make: Brew one cup of quality black coffee, add two tablespoons of MCT oil and a large tablespoon of grass fed butter (must be grass fed,). Blend in your Nutri Bullet.

Sleep As Much As You Can

Whatever level of sleep you are on, add one more hour to it (up to a maximum of 10). This will improve your hormones, aid fat loss, and make you feel so much happier.

Get Your Eating Window to Eight Hours (or less)

Smaller eating windows (even with the same calories) aid fat loss, improve mood, improve longevity and give you much higher and more sustained energy. In an ideal world, take your first meal at 10am, and your last at 6pm. It’s much better to start and finish early than eating your last meal remotely close to bed time. A bulletproof coffee before break-fast is OK.