Performance Coaching with a Focus
on Well-being and Optimum Health

Your business, your health and your performance are my priorities

I make businesses and individuals perform at their best. Through one-to-one coaching, right nutrition and psychological analysis, I help you grow into your fullest potential. If you are feeling ‘stuck’ in life; if you have a problem area you want to overcome; or if you are searching for deeper purpose or meaning, then let us work together to make real, authentic transformation.

If you would like to know more about individual one-to-one coaching see here, or if you are a business looking to boost the productivity of your team, you can find out more here. Or, if you are just curious how you can get more out of your life today, then come see some of the videos and resources in my blog.


– Hello! My name is
Richard Harris

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Welcome to Richard Harris Coaching. This short introduction video tells you a little bit about me and what I do.

My Core Principles

Every coach brings the tried and tested formulas for personal growth, but also adds to it what is uniquely their own.

Goal Setting

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Together, we create goals using the most up to date principles of performance psychology, and break them into measurable and achievable milestones.

Diet and Nutrition

Every endeavour in life is built on the foundation of a healthy and well-maintained body. I share with you how to take care of yours using the best nutritional science to fit your body and lifestyle.


An accountability partner to face you with the tough questions which lead to the best version of yourself. Accountability is an expression of conscience. With weekly accountability you must face the reality of your actions.

Personal Development

From biohacking to the latest cognitive tweak, I have always been fascinated by the strategies and tactics which cultivate 'success'. I share and implement these wonderful tools to help my clients reach their goals faster.

Therapy for Well People

Using the best tools from positive psychology, we work together to put your mind and emotional world in top condition. Just being 'well' is fine, but I want to make you 'optimal'.

Business Mentoring

I help you build a website, design your product, market your product (both digitally and online) and coach you through the psychology and philosophy of running your own business.

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