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How I approach life coaching, and who I am

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Hello Everyone

My name is Richard Harris

It’s nice to meet you

Thank you for visiting my site. I wrote this page so you can find out a little bit more about the person you are looking up.


My Approach to Life Coaching and Personal Development

Every coach brings their own personal flavour to the coaching experience. My approach to coaching leans heavily on the narrative psychology of Carl Jung and the person centred approach of Carl Rogers. Put in less grandiose terms, I find success in coaching comes from building a relationship which allows deeply truthful conversation. When the individual sees themselves for who they really are, then transformation happens – and fast! I also lean on the symbolic and spiritually-leaning language of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and other narrative psychologists, which I find simplify some of the hidden and hard to grasp dynamics of the mind.

I have had a long-lasting passion in fitness, healthy eating, micronutrient biohacking (including nootropics), entrepreneurialism, Stoic philosophy and Eastern philosophy. I enjoy enriching my coaching sessions with these elements, and encouraging my clients’ growth along these paths.


The coaching system is, fundamentally, a strategic dialogue between the life coach and the client where ideas are reflected upon and goals are set. The life coach becomes an ally, a counsellor and an accountability partner.

My Journey into Life Coaching

After becoming the most highly paid private tutor in the East of England, and running a moderately successful tutoring agency, a growing sense of emptiness began eating away at me. Things seemed to be working, but I wasn’t happy. So, I put on my backpack and flew to South America to live the backpacker’s life. When one travels, there is a lot of time to think. Deep in thought across the Andes, I concluded that behind every business venture of the past 10 years was a compulsive study into personal development. My character, it seemed, was eternally wrapped around the question of how to develop the Self. At last, I had found my passion. After 4 months of travel, I returned home. I collected a lifetime of work in personal development and psychology, and offered it to the world through the website you are reading now.


Underneath the Persona

The things which make me the most happy are: taking long country walks with my closest friends, and debating the finer points of some wonderfully geeky philosophy; thinking about personal development (we already covered that!); and travelling to some exotic and far away country.

The thinkers who have most influenced me are: Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Seneca, Eckhart Tolle and Jordan Peterson. My favourite films are: Fight Club, Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. My favourite food is sushi – delicious.

If you want to get a deeper feel for my character, perhaps take a look at the videos and articles in my blog section.

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