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One-to-one Life Coaching

Are You Ready to Change?

Are you stuck emotionally, physically, financially, or in relationship troubles or at a crisis of meaning? Or, are you ready to do what it takes to flourish as an individual, and become everything you can be? If you are serious about growing and developing, a coach will get you there further and faster.

Having someone in your corner who can see you, without judgement, at your best and your worst and offer advice and guidance is a privilege few can enjoy. Few people take the time to reflect and strategise. We work so hard towards goals we have barely considered, using strategies we have not examined.

And if you are are one of the few who self-reflects, can you see yourself truthfully and without prejudice?

Life Coaching Structure

As your life coach, my task is to relentlessly pursue a better version of you.

Most of my clients take weekly one-to-one meetings where we can reflect on the progress of the previous week, practice accountability for achieving goals, and strategise for the week ahead. We truthfully explore challenges you are facing, and find solutions to them.

Making progress is often not about ‘how’, but about a strong enough ‘why’. In our coaching sessions, we explore your why and align it to the best version of your future self.

My approach for one-to-one coaching leans heavily on practical psychology. Using a variety of coaching tools and in-depth character analysis, we can find your deep and personal strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncratic personality traits – then I coach you to modify, prune and develop them to a place more in line with your ideal Self. Under this structure, your own knowledge of practical psychology will grow quickly.

In our coaching sessions, we break your life down into key areas of importance – physical health, relationships, income generation, mental development, and self-actualisation. Then, we find ways to make you better in each area.

Nutrition & Fitness

Part of my unique perspective on the coaching relationship is to look at personal development questions in a whole-body way. Often, if you are finding difficulties in reaching your goals, it is because the foundation of your physical health cannot support higher performance in other areas. I take a lot of pride and pleasure in finding fast, easy and critically effective solutions to optimum physical performance, and in our coaching sessions I work hard to make your body work better than ever.

One-to-One Life Coaching that Fits Around Your Needs and Schedule

Coaching packages are priced at £400 / month. This includes a weekly coaching call, homework assignments, and access to me by phone or email.

To begin your coaching, book an initial phone consultation by email.

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What my clients say

Richard is extremely passionate and has an infectious energy. He was able to give me the confidence and mental strength to achieve some personal and professional goals. His charismatic nature along with his attention to detail really make you feel at ease. He is at the top of his game and I could not recommend a better life coach.
Adam Duke
Adam Duke
00:44 16 Jan 19
This guy is absolutely incredible. He tailors all the sessions towards your needs and is incredibly passionate about helping you achieve your goals. He tells you what other life coaches are afraid to tell you in order to truly help you grow. I honestly can't recommend him enough! He's my mentor, life coach and a really good friend. Thank you for everything Richard!
yusrah al
yusrah al
10:36 15 Jan 19
Having been coached by Rich for over a year I am more than qualified to say that working with him will radically improve your life. He is intelligent, charismatic, enthusiastic and very approachable. You can't help feeling jolly and eager to achieve after a session with him. I can not reccomend him enough.
James Lynne
James Lynne
14:20 27 Nov 18
With services around mental health, happiness and lifestyle I feel it’s key to be extremely honest, from experience of working with Richard I can share he is an extraordinarily compassionate, kind hearted being who serves with complete commitment and sincerity to your journey, if you have stumbled across him run at the opportunity of sessions and a journey which I can only describe as life changing in the most positive sense, Thankyou for your continued nurture and kindness Rich
Ir Ra
Ir Ra
17:10 19 Dec 18
Richard is genuine, thoughtful and committed. He has helped me set personal and professional goals, and helped me realise the steps required to get them. If you are looking for a life coach, look no further, Richard is what you are looking for.
Stephanie Brammeld
Stephanie Brammeld
13:15 29 Nov 18
I found Richard Harris Coaching when I was transitioning from student to entrepreneur and he has guided me through this transition and more as we uncovered some personal roadblocks that were holding me back from expressing myself. Today I feel much more aligned to my authentic self, confident in the value I can offer my own clients as well as the foundational support I was seeking to begin with - thank you Richard
Elemental Growth
Elemental Growth
10:58 15 Aug 19