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What if there were a way to make your staff more happy, productive, creative and take fewer sick days? What if the strategies and tactics involved were backed up by repeatable scientific research across multiple studies? And what if nearly no other businesses in the world knew these tactics even existed.

I offer a corporate coaching practice aimed at developing the whole-body effectiveness of your staff. By developing your team members’ mental and physical fortitude, strong foundations are laid for them to excel at their craft.

Most business personnel development programs coach staff on working harder, faster and more efficiently – and in many cases the supposed improvement is so subjective as to be entirely unmeasurable. My program works better than others because it develops staff in areas critical to success yet nearly always overlooked.



Building the Whole Person

My business development program builds the mental and physical fortitude of your staff in the
following areas:

  • Mental focus and fortitude by mindfulness practice
  • Shaping the working environment to promote health, creativity and productivity
  • Developing physical fitness across utility based metrics (mobility, strength, cardiovascular health)
  • Building robust cellular, hormonal and neurological strength by developing diet and nutrition
  • Turning up IQ, creativity and mental endurance using nootropics and micronutrient biohacking


The core principle is simple: cultivate mental and physical fortitude to become better at your occupation. Each of the above disciplines is rigorously scientifically tested. A sample of the available research is available on request.



Give Your Staff the Advantage No Others Have

If you are ready to give your staff (and yourself) a real advantage in business, contact me here.

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