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What Makes a Good Life Coach?

  Ultimately, a life coach is a 21st century iteration of the priest, rabbi, druid or shaman. Our job is to cultivate the emotional, psychological and physical health of our clients. Unlike those Bronze Age disciplines, life coaches are born from the roots of the Enlightenment, so life coaching draws mostly on modern frameworks and insights to achieve these goals. Life coaching is a new discipline, so it is still evolving and finding its identity. Mostly unbound by the metaphysical frameworks of the past, this presents an opportunity to take the best insights from all cultures and perspectives. The guiding principle is cultivating the human experience for the better. In this article I wish to share what makes a good life coach – drawing directly from my own experience as a life coach. I also wish to share a few insights into how I have cultivated these principles in myself so far.


Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Summary of Diatomaceous Earth Benefits Supplementing diatomaceous earth has the following reported benefits: Makes skin more youthful and soft Cleanses parasites Improves joint health Increases bone density Makes hair grow faster and thicker Improves nail health Improves teeth and gum health Removes aluminium from body tissues


Reishi Mushroom Benefits

The reishi mushroom is one of the most potent and well-studied medicinal mushrooms. Reishi has a history of use of over 2000 years in China, and it has gained popularity in the West recently. The benefits of reishi are both impressive and wide-ranging. Reishi is known as lingzhi in China and it’s taxonomical name is ganoderma lucidum, but however you say it, this beautiful looking mushroom has an incredible number of benefits. Having been fascinated with personal development my entire adult life, reishi mushroom earned its place as one of my all time favourite supplements. It makes an individual feel terrific, plus there is some powerful clinical research backing up an intimidating list of health promoting effects.


A Guide to Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety – an Introduction More people in the UK are dealing with anxiety now than ever before. In a 2014 NHS survey, an average of 5.9% of people were recorded with an anxiety disorder – this is up 1.5% since the previous NHS survey in 2007. Anxiety is much more likely to affect women, especially younger women. The problem is likely to get worse. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, these statistics provide little comfort. I wrote this article to offer some practical advice for actually dealing with anxiety. What follows are the interventions that I have seen work for my life coaching clients, and those which I have found increased mental fortitude generally. My goal is to make anyone feel less anxious and more tranquil, whether you suffer from an anxiety disorder or just feel anxious from time to time. Look at this guide not so much as a way of dealing with anxiety, but rather as a way of growing mental robustness.


Why You Should Wake Up at 5:30am

In this video, I make a case for waking up early as a mechanism for self improvement. The headline is… It freaking rocks!


Pictures of London

Here are a few incredible photographs of London taken by my good friend Adam Duke.  Adam is a professional photographer in London, and you can learn more about his work at his website. When you are writing a blog, sometimes it’s hard to find quality pictures to accompany your text.  I want to offer these pictures for any bloggers to use for free.  All I ask is that you include a link to my home page:  Feel free to use as many as you want as often as you want.  I actually have over 200 pictures of London that I’m happy to give away to webmasters who need them, just send me a message and I’ll transfer them over.  I also have these same pictures in a higher definition if you want them.  Adam retains the image rights to these pictures, so email him for permission to license the images if you want to use these for an advertising campaign or another commercial use (blogs, websites and social media posts are cool to use without any notification or license). If you have any requests for different pictures of London, send me a message, and I’m sure Adam can take them.  I’m also thinking about taking some drone video footage of London in the near future.