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Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Summary of Diatomaceous Earth Benefits Supplementing diatomaceous earth has the following reported benefits: Makes skin more youthful and soft Cleanses parasites Improves joint health Increases bone density Makes hair grow faster and thicker Improves nail health Improves teeth and gum health Removes aluminium from body tissues


Reishi Mushroom Benefits

The reishi mushroom is one of the most potent and well-studied medicinal mushrooms. Reishi has a history of use of over 2000 years in China, and it has gained popularity in the West recently. The benefits of reishi are both impressive and wide-ranging. Reishi is known as lingzhi in China and it’s taxonomical name is ganoderma lucidum, but however you say it, this beautiful looking mushroom has an incredible number of benefits. Having been fascinated with personal development my entire adult life, reishi mushroom earned its place as one of my all time favourite supplements. It makes an individual feel terrific, plus there is some powerful clinical research backing up an intimidating list of health promoting effects.


13 Self Improvement Tips

This list of self improvement tips is designed for individuals who have a burning desire to improve themselves. On many occasions, I have found myself in a place where I am desperate for growth, but unaware of what I could be doing to better myself. Should you find yourself in this situation, then these 13 self improvement tips are for you. Please view these tips as a personal development checklist.  Achieve each item one by one. These self improvement tips comes from 15 years of passion and practice in personal development. I have tried literally hundreds of interventions over the years: some worked, others didn’t, and some were insanely powerful. The tips I have included below are of the latter category.


My Supplement Regime

I’ve been experimenting with and researching supplements ever since I first went to university back in 2003.  As a life coach, getting my clients healthy is a large part of my work.  After trying literally hundreds of different supplements, these are the ones which have stuck. I personally use all these supplements every day.  These are the exact same supplements I recommend to my coaching clients. The following plan will reliably improve these five things: