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On the Manufacture of Hatred – How to Stop Being Angry

Certain themes come up repeatedly in my coaching practice. There is, however, one theme which comes up more than any other: the manufacturing of psychological poison, or holding onto hatred. It usually goes something like this. Someone does something to you which is unfair, uncooperative and uncaring. You become hurt. You boil over with festering anger. Your day is ruined. Not only is your day ruined, but you begin to notice that you are becoming a bitter person. You remember that you used to be happy, but now you are heavy with anger and resentment. How did this happen?


The Benefits of Vitamin D

This video looks at some of the health benefits of supplementing vitamin D. I had a lot of fun researching for this video, and took great pains to examine the primary research materials. Extreme claims require extreme evidence, and I did my best to provide that within the succinct format of this video. My intention is that this video gives anyone a grounding into some of the reasons why vitamin D supplementation is important, but also provides a research launch pad for the more interested enquirer.


The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

This video covers the experimentally tested benefits of supplementing Cod Liver oil which include: aiding fat loss, reducing inflammation, helping to prevent a whole host of diseases (including heart disease and stroke). When I made this video, I had a good look through all the medical literature to see what the real benefits of cod liver oil were. Researching for this video was a fun process for me. I tried to put the most useful findings to you in the most convenient form. I hope it helps you.


The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil boosts your energy, kills of harmful microbes, aids fat loss, prevents heart disease, and even makes you live longer. This video gives an overview of the science behind the beneficial properties of coconut oil.


The Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is a superfood which contains virtually every nutrient the body needs. It’s anti inflammatory, a powerful antioxidant, boosts energy levels and can remove heavy metals from the body. In this video, I present a summary of research around spirulina and outline some of its wonderful benefits.