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Self Improvement Tips Video

In this video I explain some of the most powerful self improvement tips out there.  This resource is perfect for those with a burning desire for growth, but are unsure how to get started.


What Is a Kambo Ceremony and How Can You Benefit?

This article gives you a background understanding of what a Kambo ceremony is, and an account of my experiences with Kambo. I hope this is helpful for those of you researching the frog medicine, and also encourages some to explore this extremely powerful intervention. What Is Kambo? Kambo is a frog native to the Amazon Jungle. It produces a waxy resin which, when harvested, is used as a traditional medicine of profound healing potency.


NoFap Benefits – My Experience of Quitting Masturbation

Occasionally a personal development strategy comes along which really does live up to all the hype. I want to share the benefits of NoFap – the discipline of quitting masturbation. I first heard about NoFap from Napoleon Hill’s classic personal development work Think And Grow Rich. There’s an obscure chapter which outlines learning to control one’s sexual energies as a path to success. I was 19 when I read it, and though I took note of the unusual message, I took no action on it until many years later. And then, at the age of 33, I stumbled upon some YouTube videos of people describing how quitting masturbation gives them ‘super powers’. NoFap Benefits The NoFap benefits claims of these YouTubers were almost too good to be true: Removing anxiety from life Increasing confidence Creating an aura of sexual attraction around you Improved mental functions Improved creativity More social success Strengthened willpower Greatly enhanced mood So, I tried it… And it worked. My Personal Experience of NoFap My own experience of NoFap was that every day going without masturbating added a kind of ‘inner pressure’. I felt progressively more irritable, more creative and much more confident. It’s almost as if emotional stabilisers were added to my life, and the things which usually disrupted my emotional tranquillity only did so at about 10%.


13 Self Improvement Tips

This list of self improvement tips is designed for individuals who have a burning desire to improve themselves. On many occasions, I have found myself in a place where I am desperate for growth, but unaware of what I could be doing to better myself. Should you find yourself in this situation, then these 13 self improvement tips are for you. Please view these tips as a personal development checklist.  Achieve each item one by one. These self improvement tips comes from 15 years of passion and practice in personal development. I have tried literally hundreds of interventions over the years: some worked, others didn’t, and some were insanely powerful. The tips I have included below are of the latter category.


My Fasting Experience

In this video, I share my personal experience with fasting – one of the all time greatest personal development interventions.


The Science of Fasting

Many of my coaching clients practice fasting.  I made this video to help them, and anyone else who is interested, to understand some of the benefits of fasting.  This really is one of the most powerful health interventions I know of, and I warmly recommend it to virtually anyone.